Where to Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

Where to Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

As more VR headsets are thrown at us from all angles, the real differences that split them will become very apparent. If you’re looking for your first VR device, what do you begin? There’s no real correct answer I’m afraid as there’s no specific device that’s right for each person. To begin with, do you want to just have a bit of fun with a basic version with the simplest tools available? Are you looking for a completely immersive experience with a top of the range product? Or are you somewhere in between? There are some options listed below that hopefully give an idea of what to look for and where to get it.

Budget Option – Google Cardboard

The earliest form of virtual reality originates from nothing but a pair of plastic magnifying lenses and a sheet of cardboard. You stick in a standard smartphone as a screen and voila, one VR headset. Most people refer to this now as “Google Cardboard,” but the idea was around for years.

They are easy to source and there are hundreds on the market. If you want one with a Google stamp of approval you can pick one up directly from the google store for $15. They offer limited interactivity and are only really designed for watching a 360-degree video. After long periods of time, they will dig in and become uncomfortable. You get what you pay for with this option.

Middle of the Park – Samsung Gear VR

The middle range options are all phone-powered headsets. Similar to Google Cardboard however they might have additional tracking sensors, more sophisticated built-in controls, focus wheels, or even their own screens. The most famous and by far the most fancy is Samsung’s Gear VR. In this range of product, the overall quality and features of the devices vary dramatically.

With the Gear VR, you’re paying for software optimization, a better control system and a dedicated app store supplied by Samsung. You can pick one of these up directly from Samsung or from Oculus for about $129.99. If you didn’t know, the major tech company that created the oculus rift have supplied all of the software that powers the Samsung product hence why they sell it there too. If you are looking for a good experience but don’t want to pay through the roof then this might be the sweet spot for you.

Top of the Range – PlayStation VR

This is the only option if you’re looking for sophistication like motion tracking, high-resolution screens, and the best graphics possible. They’re also generally more comfortable and better at blocking outside light which becomes more important to your experience than you realize. A key feature that will affect you if you plan on using it for a long time is motion sickness, the high-end range has designed their software to avoid this. The PlayStation VR achieves this brilliantly and they are now quite easy to get hold of. You could pick up a pair for $250 from Walmart that even includes a game.

We hope that this helps you decide what product will best suit your requirements and where to spend your hard-earned cash – why not purchase your own VR headset today from one of the above sources?

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